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If you have a new website for a local business, should you be using PPC or SEO first to promote?

BY: ukversion / 0 COMMENTS / CATEGORIES: Local Businesses, SEO

Should New Websites For Local Businesses Use SEO Or PPC To Promote Their Products Or Services?

Do you currently own and operate a local business? Have you recently put up a brand-new website to showcase what you are selling? You might be marketing products in your city, or perhaps you are offering services. Either way, you need to get targeted traffic to your website if you want to make sales.

Many people try to decide whether or not they are going to use search engine optimisation or pay per click traffic when they start their initial advertising campaign. The following information will show you which one you should start with, and also help you decide whether or not you should use both simultaneously.

What Is SEO?

SEO represents many strategies that you must use on your website in order to rank on the search engines. Search engine optimisation has changed dramatically over the years, but it still operates under the same premise.

Your goal is to make your website more palatable to the algorithms used by the search engines, motivating them to rank your website as high as possible. This is true for not only the main page of your website, but every page and post that you make, ones that are targeting very specific local keyword phrases.

What Is PPC Advertising?

This is another form of advertising that started over a decade ago. It is also called pay per click advertising. The name of this advertising is self-explanatory in regard to how this advertising works. You place an advertisement which will show up on the search engines, and if you are using a platform like Google AdWords, it will also show up on niche related websites.

Pay Per Click Image

When people click on these advertisements, they will be taken to what is called a landing page. This is usually the page you have set up where people will go once they have clicked on your advertisement. Once they are there, you will either try to sell them the product or service that you are offering locally, or you may want to have them subscribe to your email list.

This is an expensive form of advertising because you pay for every click that you receive. This is in stark contrast to SEO where visitors that click through do not cost you anything.

Which Form Of Advertising Is Better?

There is an ongoing debate over which one of these forms of advertising is actually better. Some people will claim that PPC advertising is the top choice because of how quickly you can get results. There are many platforms that offer pay per click advertising, with Google AdWords and advertising on Facebook being the most popular.

On the other hand, others will see that SEO is a much better form of advertising because you are not charged for every visitor you receive. However, on the front-end, you are paying a competent SEO expert to rank your website so that it can be found. This cost is typically far less and you will pay for PPC campaigns.

By looking at each of these, it is clear that neither one of these is actually better than the other. They are simply different ways of advertising which can lead to very similar results. The primary difference is that PPC advertising is much more expensive, but instead of waiting weeks or months for your pages to rank on the search engine so people can find them, pay per click advertising can deliver results in under an hour.

For all of these reasons, it is clear that using both PPC and SEO advertising simultaneously is the key to rapid success. You can test different landing pages very quickly using pay per click advertising, plus generate sales very quickly because of how fast the advertisements will show up in front of potential customers.

SEO advertising may take a little bit longer, but this is going to provide you with long-term results. Once you have ranked several pages on page 1 of the search results for your chosen keyword phrases, you should begin to receive consistent traffic as people search for and find your webpages on the search engines.

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